Dancing all night long

After the party there's
the after party!

At Nixmotion we take our partying very seriously, so much that we make sure the fun continues after the social dancing! Every night we will host after parties with cool themes! We provide the music and hush space, you bring your partying energy, beverage of choice and we’re all set! Make sure to get all the details below so you come prepared! Music by DJ Black Mamba!

Friday night after party (3am to 5am)
Theme: Blue Denim! 

We are starting the weekend with the Blue Denim after party! Wear anything denim (pants, shirt, shorts, overalls, leggins, jacket, etc) and you’re good to go! Just remember to make it blue because, well it’s our favorite color and it’s our anniversary, so yeah 😉

Saturday night after party (3am to 5am)
Theme: Pajama Night!
After an intense Saturday night of social dancing guess what? We still have more dancing for you only the vibe will be mellower during our Pyjama night! Funny PJs and onesies are what you need for this after party but if you’re more into sexy négligés then by all means bring it!

Sunday night after party (2am to 4am)
Theme: None
So our weekend of cool shehanigans is coming to an end. For this after party we’re keeping it simple: no theme, no dress code, just you and all the new friends you made over the weekend for a few last dances and some mingle time before we say goodbye.